Conference 'From the Psychedelic Renaissance to the Enlightenment'

By Gabriel García August 24, 2022

The Psychedelic Conference: Innovative Approaches in Mental Health: Achievements and Challenges of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy will take place next Saturday, November 19. The meeting, organized by the Psychedelic Association Fuerteventura, will bring together some of the leading voices in psychedelic research, including the Psychedelic Guides book series, official sponsors of the event. The event will include among the speakers the scientific supervisor of the book series, José Carlos Bouso, as well as the author of Tu Cerebro con Psicodélicos, Genís Oña, and the legal advisor of the collection, Francisco Azorín.

According to the organization, “this conference aims to be an enlightening forum for both professionals and the general public where a historical review of psychedelic science and culture will be made, the main research that has been carried out in recent years will be summarized, current research will be presented, the integration of these substances in contemporary societies will be discussed, as well as their legal aspects. This conference is also intended to be a forum for discussion, networking and alliance building to promote research with psychedelics in Fuerteventura and to create partnerships for educational purposes that continue to illustrate the potential for human welfare of psychedelics.”

Among the titles of Psychonaut Guides book series we find the Essential Guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance, by Antón Gómez-Escolar. In this book we are introduced to the movement that, in 2010, journalist Steve Cotler coined as “The New Psychedelic Renaissance” to refer to the renewed interest that the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy was showing towards psychedelic drugs.

However, it is now twelve years since the coining of the term, initiated at the beginning of the millennium, as Luke Williams notes in his essay Human Psychedelic Research: A Historical and Sociological Analysis , and, after almost two decades of intensive research by the scientific community, it is time to move on from the Psychedelic Renaissance to the Enlightenment. As the conference organizers state, “society is becoming psychedelized, so it is imperative to offer evidence-based information to enlighten those interested in this renewed social phenomenon. This conference will be attended by some of the leading international experts in psychedelic research and treatment, coming from different disciplines and with experience in both clinical and social settings.”

The program of this event will include, among others, the paper “From the Renaissance to the Psychedelic Enlightenment: achievements and challenges”, by José Carlos Bouso and “Getting off methadone with ibogaine: Preliminary results of a randomized double-blind trial”, by Genís Oña. Francisco Azorín will be responsible for the intervention “Past, present and future of international legality on psychedelic substances”.

Tickets to attend the conference are already available at the Psychedelic Conference Fuerteventura website. Meanwhile, you can read more information about psychedelic research in the Essential Guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance, by Antón Gómez-Escolar. We also recommend Psychedelics and Mental Health, by Irene de Caso and Your Brain on Psychedelics, by Genís Oña, where you will learn the keys to the effects of psychedelics, capable of producing significant changes in the processes of perception, thought and consciousness. The book also includes a prologue written by one of the greatest eminences in this field, José Carlos Bouso, scientific director of ICEERS.

The book, like the rest of the Psychonaut’s Guide series, is now available on Amazon in physical and eBook format, as well as Apple Books. In addition, all titles are available in Spanish version on

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