Francisco Azorín

March 19, 2022

Expert in the defense of cannabis growers, industrial hemp, other psychoactive plants as well as drug trafficking in general. Director of Brotsanbert Yecla Law Firm. Co-author in the writing of three scientific books, many articles in magazines of the cannabis sector as well as several academic articles in publishers such as the Revista Española de Drogodependencias or Cannabis Reserach Institute. Member of the European Observatory of Cannabis Consumption and Cultivation where he published the collective work Self-farming and use of cannabis in Spain, with a foreword by Antonio Escohotado as well as the first work of his own direction: Cannabis, Science and Law, where the great mysteries and the biggest inconsistencies of the legislation and jurisprudence on drugs are explained and which has been prefaced by Mr. Joaquín Giménez García, Magistrate Emeritus of the Supreme Court.


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