Your Brain on Psychedelics

Discover the pharmacology of psychedelics. Delve into the cutting edge of scientific research on the impact of psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, mescaline and LSD on the brain. With this guide you will learn the keys to the effects of psychedelics, capable of producing significant changes in the processes of perception, thought and consciousness. An illustrated guide to understanding the science behind new psychedelic-assisted therapies for treating mental health issues. This essential guide will be of interest to all psychonauts eager to immerse themselves in the pharmacology of the most popular psychedelic molecules, to all medical and mental health professionals, and to all people interested in learning the essentials of the neuroscience of psychedelic molecules and how they affect our brains.

What makes this book different from other books about psychedelics?

  • Informative and extensively illustrated work that explains cutting-edge scientific knowledge about psychedelic drugs.
  • It details the pharmacology and neuroscience of psychedelics in an entertaining yet rigorous manner, giving a comprehensive overview of current scientific knowledge.
  • Answers the fundamental questions of psychedelic science: Why do these molecules display such powerful effects on the mind? What pharmacological characteristics do they have to cause such drastic changes in the processes of perception or thought? What happens to our body and mind when we consume psychedelic substances? Are they toxic?
  • It has a chapter dedicated to the current scientific vanguard in the study of psychedelics.
  • The annex on legality, written by a specialized lawyer, clearly answers the most relevant questions about legislation

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