Psychedelics and Mental Health

The definitive guide to a new era in mental health. Learn about the therapeutic uses of classical psychedelics and empathogens as revolutionary tools for neuroplasticity and mental health. Discover how psilocybin, DMT or MDMA promote profoundly revealing mental states capable of restructuring our internal models of the world, reconsolidate traumatic memories and improve our social relationships. How do they affect the brain? What characteristics make these substances powerful catalysts for the psychotherapeutic process? Learn about the neuroscience of their powerful therapeutic effects and how they can help to significantly and lastingly improve severe symptoms: addictions, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress. This illustrated guide describes the most recent and significant clinical studies in psychedelic therapies and will be of great interest to all medical and mental health professionals seeking to understand the cutting edge clinical applications of these molecules, as well as to individuals interested in learning about the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies and their mechanisms of action. Irene de Caso explains in an understandable and entertaining way the current neuroscientific advances related to psychedelic drugs, as well as their clinical and experiential applications.

What makes this book different from other books about psychedelics?

  • It clearly explains the therapeutic value of these molecules: It presents the evidence as to why these molecules are capable of significantly accelerating the psychotherapeutic process, representing an imminent paradigm shift in mental health.

  • Current hot topic: It allows us to understand why the FDA (USA) has granted these therapies the status of “breakthrough therapies” to accelerate research and why new psychedelics assisted therapies are in the crosshairs of legislators, of the media and investors.

  • It will help health professionals get up to speed on the current state of these new therapies, cutting-edge clinical studies, and the psychotherapeutic mechanisms of action of the molecules.

  • The reader will learn how the brain generates reality and our identity and how psychedelic molecules are capable of weakening the ego’s defensive barriers, allowing a vision of oneself “from afar” that opens a window of flexibility and gives rise profound revelations.

  • Helps personal growth: Explains why these molecules can facilitate the psychotherapeutic process of personal growth and help us leave behind parts of ourselves that no longer serve us.

  • The annex on legality, written by an expert lawyer, clearly answers the most relevant doubts about legislation.

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