Study Reveals Mushrooms Are the Most Used Psychedelic Substance in the U.S.

By Gabriel García June 11, 2024

A recent RAND report has revealed that mushrooms, also known as psilocybin, are the most widely used psychedelic drug in the United States. This finding provides detailed insight into the use of psychedelics among Americans and may guide policymakers in regulating these substances for mental health treatment or even legalising them for recreational use.

Importance of the Study

Understanding how and how much psychedelics are used in society is crucial for policymakers, especially at a time when new forms of regulation are being discussed. Beau Kilmer, lead author of the report and senior policy researcher at RAND, underscores the urgency of this watershed moment. “We saw this with alcohol, tobacco and also cannabis. Once companies are established and have their lobbyists, it is much more difficult, for example, to raise taxes or impose certain regulations,” Kilmer said.

Key Figures

The report presents revealing data on the use of psychedelics in the US:

  • Annual Use: 3.1% of adults reported having used mushrooms in the past year.
  • Lifetime Use: About 12% of adults in the US have used mushrooms at some point in their lives, a figure similar to those who have used LSD.
  • MDMA: 7.6% of adults said they had taken MDMA, also known as ecstasy, in their lifetime. Monthly Use: Less than 1% of adults in the US reported using any type of psychedelic in the past month.
  • Context and Perspectives This is a crucial time for federal authorities to decide how to regulate psychedelics.

The report suggests that, as with alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, once companies and their lobbyists are established, regulation becomes more complex. One option could be for the federal government to allow a variety of state policies to develop independently.

The report also highlights the importance of including indigenous communities in policy development, given that many of these communities use psychedelics in their cultural traditions.


The use of mushrooms and other psychedelics in the United States is gaining significant attention, not only among users, but also among policy makers and researchers. The data provided by the RAND report can serve as a basis for developing informed policies that balance the potential benefits of psychedelics in mental health treatment with the need for appropriate regulation. With proper regulation, psychedelics could be safely integrated into society, offering new therapeutic and recreational options.

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