Breaking Barriers: Australia Leads the Way with Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

By Gabriel García February 1, 2024

In a groundbreaking development, a team at Monarch Mental Health Group achieved a significant milestone in mental health treatment by conducting the world’s first Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) outside of research and compassionate use protocols. This innovative approach, utilizing MDMA, a psychedelic medicine, has demonstrated remarkable success in treating a lady with chronic treatment-resistant PTSD. The lead doctor shared the achievement on LinkedIn, expressing the profound impact of a single day of MDMA-assisted therapy, surpassing the typical progress seen in a year of traditional treatments.

Australia’s Pioneering Role:

Monarch Mental Health Group, a key player in outpatient mental health treatments over the past decade, spearheaded the development of the PAT program over the last year. This achievement highlights Australia’s leadership in translating psychedelic research into clinical reality. The lead doctor expressed pride in being part of the team that has made this groundbreaking clinical Psychedelic program accessible to patients worldwide.

The First Regular Script for Psychedelic Medicine:

Accompanying the announcement was a photo of the first regular prescription for a psychedelic medicine ever written by a doctor. This script signifies a historic moment, emphasizing the mainstream integration of psychedelic treatments into traditional medical practices. The doctor proudly acknowledged the collaborative effort that went into achieving this milestone.

Acknowledgments and Collaborations:

The doctor extended gratitude to various individuals and organizations who played pivotal roles in making this achievement possible. Clinical Psychologist Monica Schweickle, the co-therapist for the first treatment, received special mention for her 15 years of collaboration and leadership in program development. The Monarch Research Institute, led by Paul Fitzgerald and Bernadette Fitzgibbon, contributed significantly to the program’s development with their prior psychedelic research projects.

Noteworthy Mentions:

Peter Hunt AM, an advocate for psychedelic treatments since 2017, was recognized for convincing the lead doctor to invest energy in this innovative approach long before it gained widespread attention. Mind Medicine Australia was acknowledged for providing training in Psychedelics through their CPAT course and introducing the doctor to the diverse psychedelic community.

Challenges Faced:

Despite the historic achievement, the post shed light on challenges faced in implementing PAT in Australia. The doctor emphasized the need for flexibility in health regulations, expressing disappointment in NSW Health insisting on conducting the treatment in a hospital rather than an outpatient treatment center. This decision required the team to travel to Melbourne, underscoring the need for more progressive regulations in New South Wales.

The world’s first Psychedelic Assisted Therapy treatment outside of research and compassionate use protocols marks a significant leap forward in mental health treatment. Australia’s pioneering role in translating psychedelic research into clinical reality sets a precedent for the global medical community. While celebrating this achievement, the doctor’s call for more progressive health regulations in New South Wales highlights the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in integrating psychedelic therapies into mainstream healthcare.

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