Nevada Senate Approves Bill to Study Psychedelics and Establish a Working Group for Therapeutic Access

By Gabriel García June 15, 2023

The Nevada Senate has taken a significant step towards exploring the potential benefits of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. In a 16-4 vote, the Senate approved a bill that would establish a working group dedicated to studying psychedelics and developing a plan for regulated access. The bill will now be considered by the Assembly, marking a positive development for advocates of psychedelics reform.

Nevada and psychedelics

Originally, the legislation proposed to legalize psilocybin and promote research into the psychedelic, while also encouraging studies on MDMA. However, the bill underwent significant modifications in committee before passing on the Senate floor. The revised version, sponsored by Sen. Rochelle Nguyen, focuses on the formation of a Psychedelic Medicines Working Group. This working group will delve into the medicinal, therapeutic, and wellness applications of entheogens.

Sen. Nguyen recognized the likelihood of amendments during the legislative process and expressed her openness to changes. She emphasized the importance of initiating a conversation about psychedelics reform within the legislature. The establishment of the working group aims to gather information and knowledge to ensure that decisions regarding psychedelics align with the best interests of Nevadans.

Many individuals, including veterans, first responders, and those who have not found success with traditional medicines, have reported positive experiences with psychedelic treatments. The working group, consisting of 15 members, will be formed under the state Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Their primary responsibilities will involve studying the science behind psychedelics, including psilocybin and psilocin, in relation to overall wellness and the treatment of mental health conditions such as PTSD, substance use disorder, major depressive disorder, and end-of-life care.

Furthermore, the group will analyze existing federal, state, and local laws governing therapeutic psychedelic use. Based on their findings, they will develop an actionable plan that enables safe, accessible, and affordable access to therapeutic entheogens and compounds. A report summarizing their conclusions is expected to be submitted to the legislature by December 31, 2024.

What’s the future og psychedelics in Nevada?

The working group will include key stakeholders such as the state attorney general, the director of HHS, the director of veterans services, and the president of the Nevada Board of Pharmacology or their designated representatives. In addition, the majority and minority leaders of each legislative chamber will appoint four members, while the governor will appoint seven members who meet specific criteria. Among the governor’s appointments will be a military veteran with personal experience in treating post-traumatic stress disorder using psychedelics, a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist specializing in substance misuse treatment, a federally registered psychedelics researcher, and a representative from a Nevada tribal government.

Nevada joins a growing list of states actively pursuing psychedelics reform during this legislative session. Other states, such as Minnesota and California, have recently enacted or proposed bills related to psychedelics. Colorado’s governor has signed a bill establishing a regulatory framework for legal psychedelics, while North Carolina and Washington State have taken steps towards supporting research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and MDMA.

In addition to the psychedelics reform efforts, Nevada’s legislature has also shown support for marijuana-related initiatives. Lawmakers passed a resolution urging Congress to federally legalize marijuana and considered proposals to increase the state’s cannabis possession limit and remove barriers to employment in the marijuana industry. Furthermore, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has proposed a regulatory amendment to protect athletes from penalties related to marijuana use, aligning with the state’s current marijuana laws.

As interest in the therapeutic potential of entheogenic substances expands, Nevada’s progress in establishing a working group and studying psychedelics reflects a growing recognition of the importance of exploring alternative treatment options for mental health conditions.

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