Psychonaut Guides now available in Mexico

By Gabriel García November 30, 2022

Last Thursday the Psychonaut Guides book series was presented in Mexico City, including the three main titles in Spanish: the Essential Guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance, Your brain on psychedelics and Psychedelics and mental health.

The Psychonaut’s Guides are updated and scientifically based guides to discover and explore the exciting world of psychedelic substances, their potential and applications that had already made their appearance in Spain. Now, however, this collection aimed at the growing world of psychonauts and the new psychedelic culture, necessary to understand the neuroscience, pharmacology and applications of psychedelics will also be available in Mexico.

Throughout the presentation, it was pointed out how it is expected that this collection will soon include Mexican authors. Regarding the titles presented, it was pointed out how the collection ranges from a general introduction to the world of psychedelics with the Essential Guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance to specialized fields such as neuroscience or pharmacology. This is the case of books such as Your brain on psychedelics and Psychedelics and mental health, which provide academic and specialized information but aimed at the general public.

During the presentation, organized by RIA Institute, a video with a short introduction of each of the titles of the collection by their authors was also shown.

The Spanish books in the series can be found for the Mexican territory on the Wanderlust Bookstore website

These books are also available in English on Amazon in physical and eBook format, as well as Apple Books. In addition, all titles are available in Spanish version on

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